Choose a Good Mortgage Company When Refinancing

There are plenty of mortgage companies out there. Almost all of these companies are out there to make money and some may want to make profits at all costs even if it means exploiting their clients.

Why You Need To Find A Good Mortgage Company

  • - Minimal costs.

A good mortgage lending company will offer you the most competitive interest rates in the market and they will have minimal fees. The initial cost that you incur and the subsequent payments that you will make will be manageable and you will not have to strain yourself financially later on.

  • - Good Help and Support System.

You will get to enjoy good customer care and personal service. When you contact the mortgage company representatives they will handle you professionally and you will feel special and appreciated. They will answer any questions that you may have and clarify issues that you are not certain of. Even after you have acquired the mortgage financing they will still attend to your needs and get back to you as soon as possible. For more financing options visit:

  • - Different Mortgage Options.

When you get a good mortgage company, you will have various mortgage options at your disposal. Whether it is a fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage, you have the option of selecting the one that you think suits you most. This will make it easier for you to get the mortgage loan that you want and you will not have to settle for something that you are not comfortable with. Wells Fargo Mortgage Lending company is a good place to start as you will get to enjoy these benefits.

How To Use The Mortgage Loan To Invest In Rental Property.

Getting the mortgage loan is the easy part. How you invest the loan in rental property will determine whether of not you will be in a position to meet your financial obligations. Below are a couple of tips when investing in rental property using the mortgage loan;

  • - Rent.

Check the average rent that property in the area fetches. If it will not fully cover your loan mortgage payments, taxes and other related expenses it is not worth investing in.

  • - Property Taxes.

These taxes differ from place to place, invest in rental property where these taxes are low so as to reduce your tax obligations.

  • - Crime and Natural Disasters.

Invest in rental property in an area that has low crime rates and where natural disasters are not a common occurrence. The local police can help you get the crime statistics of the area.

Revampin the Kitchen

So over all the time I have owned a home, and all the home and garden shows I have watched….I have put together enough information to know that remodeling my kitchen is a great step in increasing my homes value. New cabinets, flooring, some drywall, paint and countertops. Its no picnic, but I think it will pay for itself over time.

First off the cabinets had to go. I knew the flooring was coming out, and I knew taking the cabinets out first would make swinging a sledge hammer much easier. After about an hour of hitting, pulling and pushing I was able break the upper and lower cabinets apart and load them up a trailer.

I then took a sledge hammer and a pneumatic hammer and went to town on the ceramic tile. Ok that was really really hard work and I never want to do that again. I went back in my kitchen with hard wood, so It was very important to get the tile chipped completely up all the way down to the concrete slab and smooth.


I ordered custom white cabinets to contrast to the walnut floors I put in and installed them in about 1/2 a day. Next I added formica countertops to the cabinets because they are inexpensive and scratch resistant. I then finished out the kitchen with new stainless steel appliances. The kitchen looks super good and didn’t cost as much as I thought it would. Over all I can expect to see about a 20,000 dollar increase on my homes value, and I spent about 8,000 dollars and about 3 weeks of my own time to finish it. I am really happy with the results and my new kitchen gets compliments all the time.

Garage Apartment Driveway

So we have a nice little garage apartment in our back yard. Its about 450 sq ft and is perfect for 1 person or a married couple. We have been renting it now for about 400 a month and the extra income is nice. The really great part about this apartment is that our property has an easement on the back side with a semi paved or asphalt drive.

The garage was the only thing existing when we bought the property and my wife and I turned it into an apartment while we built our home up front. There was never a drive way to the apartment from the easement. This isnt a problem normally, however when it rains it pours. Mud everywhere and my wifes little car even got stuck. My heavy truck leaves ruts and just tears up our parking space or so called driveway.

So I thought about pouring a driveway out of concrete. Then I thought of all the hard work and labor involved in a project like that so I passed. My other option was an asphalt driveway. The area where we park is quite small and i knew it shouldnt cost too much. If I remember correctly, the average going price of an asphalt driveway here is about 2.50/sq ft. So this is the option I opted for.

With a driveway are of about 200 feet, the asphalt driveway cost was just under 500 dollars, and I didnt have to lift a finger. It looks nice and provides our tenants a place to park without having to worry about rain and mud. I would recommend an asphalt driveway to anyone on a budget.

Our Home Gets New Siding

Man oh man… I have got to say that the recent remodel I did on my home this last month was very stressful and intense. We have wanted to replace the siding on our home since we moved in, because the cedar siding tends to mold so fast. If you dont clean it at least once a month, the once white house, turns green anywhere there is shade. Its really frustrating.

So before we started our project, we researched pretty much every kind of exterior siding that we could find. Home improvement, while stressful and hard work, is usually worth the payoff in the end. However, with this particular ongoing project that we started, I never thought that we would see the end.

We thought about installing vinyl siding, aluminum siding, and fiber cement siding also known as Hardie siding or hardiplank. In the end we decided that we would go with the one we thought would last the longest on our home which was James Hardie siding. I forget exactly what we pay per square foot but the upfront cost of Hardie siding over the vinyl and aluminum siding was actually more expensive, but after researching all the different products we figured that the Hardie siding would last us the longest.

First we had to demo the outside of our home by pulling off the old siding a piece at a time. With me, my wife and kids all working on it together, the demo took us about four days to complete. I’m sure if you got a professional siding contractor to come in and rip off the old siding and hang the new stuff, they would probably be in and out in about a week. Don’t laugh, but this project took us a little over a month to finish.

When I say a month, that only means the demo work and the installation work, that doesn’t even include all the caulking and painting that we had to do after we were finished hanging the siding. Our home only has two exterior doors and eight Windows, so we didn’t have to buy a lot of fiber cement trim to trim out the doors and windows, but it was a little tricky getting it just right. Some people like to install the siding first and then put the trim over the top of the siding, however I prefer to install the trim around the doors and windows first and then butt the siding up to it. I feel that this gives you a much better seal, and a cleaner look.

I think our siding came with a 30 or 50 year warranty, not sure I would have to look that up to be 100% positive. I figure we won’t even live in this particular house for even 10 years, so a 30 year warranty is way more than we needed.

Overall it was a great experience learning how to put on the siding, and really the toughest part was getting it started. Once you have that level line for your first bottom piece, the rest of the installation process actually went pretty fast. We were only working on the siding about one or two hours a day after work, so this is the reason it took us what seemed like forever to finish.

Well that’s my experience with our siding project, if you are considering installing new siding on your home and have any questions feel free to ask I’ll try to answer as best as I can.

Giving the Kids Chores

Dividing the chores that needs to be done around our house on a daily basis, is a chore in itself. Nobody wants to wash the dishes, nobody wants to clean the bathroom, and nobody wants to mow the yard. If your family is anything like our family you probably have similar problems when it comes to dealing our shores to your children to make sure that it’s fair for everyone.

Growing up in a family that didn’t make a lot of money meant that we did not get paid for doing chores like some of our friends did. I believe that paying your child for doing chores is okay, but should be done in moderation and your child should not expect it. A child doing chores around the home is their way of contributing to how smoothly your family runs, and teaches great character and responsibility at the same time.

When I was growing up, I was stuck doing the exact same chores every day week in A Now that I’m older and have children of my own, I believe it is only fair that each file takes a role in accomplishing different chores on monthly basis. My wife and I simply divide the chores into three sections, and rotate them once a month for each child. For the most part this keeps everyone happy, and helps kill the monotony of doing the same thing over and over.

Something else that we have found that helps keep our children energized and excited about doing chores, is the random rewards that we give them for doing an exceptional job along with telling them on a daily basis how much you appreciate the work that they’ve done around the house. Our way of life is simple and quite basic, I hope these small ideas of how we run our household can help you to inspire your children to help chip in and take part in maintaining your house and home.

Home Storage Issues

Moving into our new home back in October of 2007 was an accomplishment that my wife and I had been saving up for, for many years. Our new home was approximately 900 ft.² with an apartment in the back that was about 350 ft.² that we plan on renting out. Although our new home was almost twice as large as our previous home, the layout was for and we have no room for storage.

The closets were small with no shelving or systems for organization making my wifes shoe storage a joke. So one of the first things I did was build some closet shelving and hang a new clothing bar I would allow for us to hang all clothing. Talking with many of my friends who own their own homes for quite some time now, it seemed like each one of them had some kind of complaints about storage space. Whether it was garage storage, attic storage or just closet storage it just seems like there never is enough.

At least this new home we bought did have attic storage so we were able to throw all of our belongings upstairs in the attic. The only problem with this was that there was not easily accessible because of course you had to crawl through an attic to get to what you were looking for. Our new home does have a garage, but it can hardly be called such. The previous owners had a carport built in front of a garage which was nice, however one of the 6 x 6 posts that supports the structure is directly in front of the garage door. This post limits what you can get in and out of the garage. There is not enough space to even pull in one car into the garage. This is a little frustrating but I am definitely willing to sacrifice having a garage to pull her car into for more living space.

The garage was also divided into two lengthwise. The previous owners used the back half of the garage as a developer room for film and pictures, so I guess you could consider it a dark room. All the walls inside were painted black and there’s only one light fixture that hardly lights the room. The second half of the garage is great for extra storage, but the access is limited to it and the ceilings are low and square footage wise it’s only about 170 ft.².

One of the best parts of our new home is the fact that we have a laundry room off of the back of our garage that allows us to store our lawn chemicals, laundry detergent, clothes baskets etc. our yard is extremely large and there is actually a small storage unit that looks like it was built hundreds years ago that is practically falling apart, however it provides room to store all of our lawn equipment such as our lawn mower, weed eater, edger etc.

So overall we have plenty of storage space here in our new home, however I just don’t think I like its layout as much as I thought I would. We are making do with what we have and are grateful. With just a little bit more work I’m sure I can devise some shelving systems that will help us to increase our storage amount and allow us to become more organized.